Electric Cars and their Milestone within the 21st Century



With the world shaping their view to more environmentally friendly alternatives, electric cars have continued to gain a wide range of popularity year after year. For many people, these cars are not simply a solution to gas-guzzling options. Instead, they are the key to a better and brighter future.

Like with any big item expenses, there is a lot of thought that goes into these purchases. For greener electric cars, you have to consider the price, style, comfort, safety, reliability, convenience, and of course the overall performance these models can serve for your needs. But what makes electric cars the more viable option is the long-term value and return on investment you will get out of these cars. Ultimately the cost versus value goes beyond your monetary value and sticker price you agree to said-purchase. Instead, it comes down to the detrimental effects standard cars and trucks have on the environment as a whole. This toll includes unhealthy air pollution, oil spills, damage to habitats, and global climate disruption.

For the general public, they continue to remain unaware of the pollution and harm standard gas-guzzling cars have on the environment. With global warming continuing to be an ever-pressing problem, electric cars serve as a more sustainable option that attends the needs without jeopardizing the environmental necessities for our future generation. One of the biggest contributions to this cause is, of course, Mr. Elon Musk and his company Tesla Motors. Tesla first gained widespread attention following their production of the Tesla Roadster, the first fully electric sports car. With new incoming fully electric luxury models, Tesla has begun to tackle not just environmental problems, but also the aesthetics and performance of a strong car. As of March 31st, 2016, Tesla Motors has successfully sold almost 125,000 electric cars worldwide since the delivery of its first Tesla roadster back in 2008.

Now, with more awareness and the efficiency and effectiveness of electric cars, many countries all around the world are beginning to acclimate this option within their everyday lives. As of April 2016, the United States is the leading country market with a stock of about 450,000 highway legal light-duty plug-in electric vehicles delivered since 2008. China ranks second with around 300,000 units sold since 2011, followed by Japan with about 150,000 plug-in units sold since 2009, both through March 2016. Almost 475,000 plug-in electric passenger cars have been registered in Europe up until March 2016, making the continent the world’s largest light-duty plug-in regional market. Currently, Norway is said to be the highest market penetration per capita in the world where over 1 in every 100 passenger cars on the roads is a plug-in electric vehicle.

So, if you are looking for a new car for the family, I highly recommend you consider an electric car as your next option. Remember, this is not just a decision for your family’s need, but for their future requirements as well.