About Spencer Dulal-Whiteway

Spencer Dulal-Whiteway

Spencer Dulal-Whiteway has spent many years as an efficiency expert, particularly within Innovative Transit Solutions, a company that offers smarter solutions for commuters in New York City and decreases environmental pollutants and congestion in the process. He also has years of experience in managing the operations and power production arm of W.C. Roese and Company. As he moves forward in his career, he hopes to continue creating and implementing smarter, safer, and more environmentally friendly power solutions. He has also founded Innovative Corporate Solutions to serve as a more broad based extension of his initial company. During his experience Spencer consulted for companies with operations in Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Politics, Oil, and Energy

Spencer Dulal-Whiteway is passionate about improving the world, especially through political actions and positive change within the oil and energy sectors. His interest in politics stems from a very young age; he was born into a family of politicians in Trinidad and grew up inspired by their honesty, capability, and immense responsibilities. His stepfather in particular was heavily involved in national politics at a senior government level, and Spencer was exposed to many brilliant political and legal minds in his own home (he fondly recalls reading newspapers with his family as early as age three). These formative years, as well as his innate curiosity and sense of social responsibility to improve the lives of his fellow citizens, guided Spencer toward his eventual career.

As Spencer grew more interested in improving the state of his surroundings, he focused on a main factor that’s more relevant now than ever: energy production and consumption. Other than its obvious prominence in today’s media, particularly within the controversial concept of fracking, energy stood out to Spencer Dulal-Whiteway because he was born in an oil- and natural gas-producing nation. He has witnessed his home country under the direction of his own stepfather, the former Minister of Energy, boost efforts on a rewarding change in the energy industry: natural gas production.

Spencer’s unique views on the oil and energy industries are shaped by ideals and tempered by reality. He understands that these industries directly impact the global economy and that certain practices, such as over-drilling for oil and fracking, need to be addressed. However, he understands that fossil fuels offer a variety of benefits, from power conversion ratios to flexibility in use and, perhaps most important, its current ubiquity as a source in our society. It will always be the go-to for certain applications, such as aviation or rocket fuel, but Spencer believes and works towards a “sweet spot” in production versus conservation.

Spencer in the Private Sector

Outside of the oil and energy sector, Spencer Dulal-Whiteway was heavily invested in private sector. In 2000 Spencer made his move to New York. He first worked at TD Waterhouse on Wall Street, stockbroking and directing reps in customer service. Then he acted as consultant during the 2000-2001 Bloomberg campaign and really began his career in streamlining and improving company-wide procedures. He implemented a system from scratch which analyzed people’s potential voting preferences based on their demographics. This precise type of data parsing was rare at the time, and Spencer was inspired to explore this niche more. Spencer continued to expand his professional experience with a new role as a senior data analyst at Donlin Recano & Co., a bankruptcy firm. Eventually, Spencer Dulal-Whiteway decided to further his official education by attending Columbia University.

Now, Spencer Dulal-Whiteway is an efficiency expert who continues to build his extensive experience in automation. His career experience and knowledge in economics have guided him toward this path. For him, Spencer’s current role with Innovative Transit Solutions is not just a job, but also a social responsibility in helping others and improving the world. With Innovative Transit Solutions, Spencer does contracting with New York City’s MTA and provides consulting on how the transit system can be improved. Spencer researches and presents analytics about how people flow through various forms of public transit, and he determines the smartest geographic and cultural areas to raise tolls, eliminate congestion, or redistribute traffic. Innovative Transit Solutions has jumped from making $700,000 to $1.7 million in just two years.

Spencer Dulal-Whiteway’s Personal Life

Outside of his professional life, Spencer Dulal-Whiteway is a man of many interests and passions. He is an avid traveler, having visited upwards of 40 States and has traveled to many Caribbean and European countries. Washington, D.C. during Christmastime remains his favorite travel experience to this day, but he has also visited major cultural landmarks in the United States, such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Beyond North America, Spencer has traveled to Europe and the Caribbean. He loves Barbados, Antigua, and especially Jamaica because he has friends who live there.

Other than traveling, Spencer is an avid sports fan, following soccer (mainly Manchester United) and cricket – two hugely popular sports in Trinidadian culture. He loves to swim, having starting lessons at age 4 an never passes on an opportunity to do so when he can. He is also interested in card games, horse racing, cars, and auto racings.

Cars & Auto Racing

Since a young age, Spencer has always been fascinated by cars. Whether they are vintage models or new luxury releases, Spencer cannot get enough of them! Having an already impressive collection, Spencer continues to do his research and enhance his already extensive collection with those that interest him.

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