The Evolution of Cars



With Honda, Toyota, and KIA making big waves with their new luxury models, the transformation of the modern day vehicle has changed dramatically since days of the early automobile era. Since the beginning, many early models were designed and styled after various motor coaches and motor carriages that are comparative to that of a horse carriage. These early designs were simple in their nature and were meant more for functionality than for luxury. Having to endure rougher terrain, these early automobiles were equipped with high functioning capacity but with a low speed to ensure safe transportation. After more than a hundred years since we have seen dramatic changes in almost every element of a car’s design. Today, we no longer see the oddly shaped designs. Instead, we see a sleeker model that attends to the needs of the consumer for both power and efficiency, in addition with a splash of style. But to truly grasp the universal changes of the history of the cars, we have to look into a variety of different factors to truly understand the direction for the next future models of all of these different car manufacturers. These factors include the body design, the engine, the safety features, and the technology embedded within these modern day cars.

For the body design, we often picture the shape and size of an automobile with an outer layer of metal that gives a car its overall distinct shape. Throughout the years, these changes within the shape and design of the car have varied between manufacturers to companies in order to give each car a more unique and innovative theme to its need for the road. While the design of the car has its own practical need, the intrinsic want and desire for buying a car are now, more than ever, more visible within these deals. Because of this, many lower tier manufacturing companies have gone back to the drawing board to help design the interior and exterior of the cars on the basis of the consumers interest so that they can provide a design and functionality that best meets their driving needs. That mentality has given rise to some of the great brands we know today such as the Lamborghini, Bugatti, and the infamous classic Ferrari.

As for the engine, the automotive engineer has pushed to improve the internal combustion of the engine to give it a more powerful and efficient driving experience for the driver. While the original principle is still intact, many drivers look for cars to provide a smooth operational use. In addition, they are also looking for these engines and logistical operations of the car to meet their external concerns such as a scarcity of oil. While it was not necessarily a problem twenty years ago, today, this concern has completely changed the way automotive engineers designed many of their cars. For newer models, many of these automobiles provide greener friendly options such as hybrid electric features in order to give their driver a sense of ROI when their driving-to-gas comparison. In many ways, this makes sense. To really build a model for your consumer, you need to look at these concerns. Oil prices will not be what they were ten (twenty, fifty) years ago. Because of that, automotive engineers need to provide viable solutions that can ease and secure the mind of the driver.

One concern that has constantly stayed consistent is the overall safety of the car. It is no question the relationship between faster-growing cars has led to an increase in car accidents. Because of this, many motor vehicle designers are constantly looking to provide their customers with the best set of protection through safety belts, airbag features, and now radar detectors. These types of safety features will always be a major concern for the driver. With that said, safety will always remain a concern for car manufacturers each and every day.

Now, even with the design, style, and safety features, every consumer is always looking for the newest technology that can make their driving experience that much easier. From hand-held free device settings to built-in GPS computer screens, these features will always be asked and requested in every type of car sales meeting. Because of that, many models such as Honda and KIA have improved their standard tier cars in order to provide a first class luxury experience for their drivers at an affordable cost. While they may not be the Lamborghini or Bugatti of the car world, they are raising countless eyebrows and sales all across the world.

For me, I am excited to see what new models will come up in the future. As much as I enjoy the flash and speed of a car, the overall functionality and experience of the ride will always be the major factor in any and all of my automobile decisions.


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