Elon Musk and the Future of Driving


In many interviews, Elon Musk has stated that, “It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” While the man is far from ordinary, Elon Musk has gone above and beyond by taking the ideas and dreams of millions of people across the globe and turning them into a tangible reality. His mind and his brilliance has lead many in awe and continues to do so with his various accomplishments with SpaceX and Tesla.

Even when he was a young boy, Elon Musk was always driven by his imagination. He began showing strong capabilities at the young age of ten where he self-taught himself how to program. By twelve, he was able to take that foundational knowledge of coding and programing and created and sold a code for BASIC-based video game called Blastar to a magazine company. While he was able to assume a small financial success of a few hundred dollars, the sale itself was just the beginning to Musk impact on society.


By age nineteen, Musk decided to continue his studies of computer science, physics, and business at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, Elon had intended to further his knowledge with a PhD in applied physics at Stanford University. But with the work of a new project, he felt that it was best to leave his program and begin his journey as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, Elon was able to see immediate success with Zip2, also known as PayPay, after selling it for millions. While making a large fortune from the sale, Musk felt the need to do more than just retire from the entrepreneurship game. Instead, Elon decided to optimize his financial gain to drive his vision, beliefs, and fantasies by establishing SpaceX (2002) and Tesla Motors (2003). For Musk, it wasn’t seen as a risk. Instead, it was seen as the first domino in a line of much needed change.


Today, one of the biggest problems going on in the world is global warming. While many efforts have been made to sustain the negative effects of greenhouse gases, Elon Musk has been able to affectively change one of the leading causes for greenhouse gases, driving. For decades, driving has become one of the main causes for greenhouse gas emission. The gas used to drive releases an exhaust that has continuously damaged the earth year after year. Thus sparked the electric car. Now, while the idea may have been out there, the look, elegance, and efficiency that Tesla Motors have produced is something out of this world. There ability to produce the world’s first electric sports car showcases the demand and need for eco-friendly cars.

Today, Tesla Motors is in position to release two new model, the 2016 Tesla Model S and Model X. These two models are seen to be the safest, fastest, and most capable sport utility vehicle in history. To learn more about each model, please visit the link here: Tesla Motors


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